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Saturday, April 24, 2010

An Update from Daddy

Warning: This is a post from Daddy, pictures courtesy of his (precious) iPhone.

Daddy set a target of the end of April to get the garden ready for planting, and thankfully this great weather we've had has cooperated. The family garden was expanded at the end of last year (thanks Grandpa!) and thanks to Daddy's new tiller, getting it ready for this season was a piece of cake. Here's the finished product, ready to be planted, before the fence went up:

Catrina and Brynne both helped by removing many rocks and by generally playing nicely while Daddy tilled and dug. Catrina befriended a worm she found and even called him Wormy. I'm not sure if he thinks she is a friend considering her manhandling and putting him in a bucket then dousing it with water. The girls are excited to expand the crops this year to include (Brynne's favorite?) brussels sprouts. Stay tuned.

Today, we took out the fishing poles, picked up some night crawlers, and headed to the SUNY New Paltz campus where the girsl did some fishing. First they practiced their casting in the yard and I'm still not sure how they both ended up with their eyes intact. Here is Brynne sporting her first catch of the season using her new Hannah Montana fishing pole (because who doesn't think of Miley Cyrus when they think of bait and tackle?)

Brynne got off to a furious start in 2010, picking up where she left off in 2009, by catching a dozen fish in less than a half hour. I told her we needed to find her a new challenge since it was a matter of seconds that the worm hit the water until I was yanking the hook out of the fish's mouth. Fish of Cayuga Lake, beware!!!

Catrina got into the act as well, catching several fish herself and even getting the worms out for Daddy to bait. Here she is proudly with her first catch this year:
Brynne is also attending Art Class this spring and brought home her first masterpiece this week, a pencil drawing of a persian kitty:

Please, no reproductions. I have a feeling this one may fetch quite a bit at Christie's.

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Teresa C. said...

I didn't know you could bring the kids there for fishing fun, I will have to check that out!

Nice artwork, Brynne!