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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Whole Hand!

Yes, that's right, Catrina is FIVE!!!! One whole hand.... one half decade!!!!

The buildup actually started weeks back when we had the "how many days until my birthday countdown began". This came to a climax yesterday when Catrina announced she was 4 and "five quarters"... yes Catrina.... let's make working on those math skills a priority in 2010.

The birthday extravaganza began on Mother's Day with a small celebration with Grandma and Grandpa Currier.

Next up, we had a visit from the Hough children. This was cool because it was the first time Lindsey and Catrina had been reunited since they had moved to Texas when both girls were babies. Lindsey is 3 days older than Catrina so we were able to celebrate both girls.

Then it was THE BIG DAY. Brynne, being an awesome big sister, came bounding into our room to announce that as a b-day gift to Catrina... she had cleaned her room (and she HAD!).

Every big day has to get off to the right start so Catrina decided that bacon and apple juice is what every growing girl needs (she might also consider a defibrillator) and a rapid gift opening before jetting off to school.

We then had the playschool kids over for some pizza and partying. The weather was COLD but we made them all play in the yard and they just enjoyed climbing and swinging and sliding for a few hours.

You'd think that would be enough for one day... but oh no... there was more. Dinner! Every 5 year old's favorite... steak and corn on the cob (ok the corn was a concession for Brynne who is going in to get her pre-braces tomorrow and probably won't be able to eat corn for a while). Catrina DESTROYED her corn and even ate some steak (I had to tell her that steak would make her stronger since she was going to the POOL). Daddy, Brynne, and Catrina went swimming and then to ice cream.

Ahhhh what a great birthday!!!! And she still hasn't seen Marnie and Paw-Paw so there's more action to come!

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