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Thursday, April 22, 2010

So... What's New and Exciting?

... well nothing much! But we haven't been great about updating so I'll just mash up a bunch of our recent activities.

The girls had their spring break and you wouldn't know it was spring by the weather! The first 2 days of the vacation saw torrential rains so we found a great INDOOR aquarium in Norwalk, Ct and spent a few hours checking out the fish, seals, otters (Catrina's favorites) and frogs (you-know-who's-favorites)

We traveled to Webster for Easter this year and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. It was just a tease of what the late spring and summer will be bringing us. For the first time ever, the girls were able to do their Easter Egg Hunt without winter coats!!!

Since then we've been outside soaking in as much as the nice weather as we can!

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