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Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Madness

Well, March Madness these days refers to Andy's attitude towards his beloved Syracuse who had an earlier than anticipated exit in the NCAA tournament. But, on the bright side, the end of March signals the upcoming baseball season which is when I get really excited.

On Friday, Catrina had her school's Easter Egg Hunt which is always fun. It was bittersweet (as all playschool moments are these days) since this is the last year that we will have kids in that school and we've been so happy there.

On Friday night we got a little silly around here when the girls decided they wanted to sleep together in a tent. This brought back memories of the awesome tents my brothers and I would build in their room and we'd be allowed to sleep in it. Now, in those days, the laws governing tent dwellings weren't very strict but I made sure that Brynne and Catrina had a nice, semi-safe little tent. Here's a few photos I snapped of them sound asleep. So adorable:

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