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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We Bleed Orange and Blue

When Andy bought 10 tickets to the Syracuse/Villanova game back in early December, he knew it would be a good game but he didn't know it would be one for the ages. The build up was going strong for weeks before the game. Both teams were moving quickly up the rankings. At game time, Nova was ranked 7th and Cuse was 4th.

It was touch and go just getting to the game. With 20 inches of snow in New Paltz and Webster, getting there was in question but Andy was not going to be denied just because of a little snow! We actually got an early start on our trip to Webster since the girls' schools were closed on Friday for the 3rd straight day.

Saturday morning dawned with even MORE snow in Webster so Grandma, Grandpa, Brynne, and Catrina decided to go out and build a huge snowman.

Then it was off to Syracuse. We got in game-mode by hanging out and watching #1 ranked Kansas lose. The atmosphere was electric at Faegans as the chant of "We're #1" echoed. We then made the trek up to the dome to hang out with 34,616 fans... an on campus record. The game was fantastic... the energy was enough to blow the roof off the dome and I believe Andy may have shed tears of joy.... Cuse emerged victorious!

We left the Dome as snowballs rained down from ecstatic fans who all knew that come Monday, Syracuse would be the #1 ranked team in the country.

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