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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Washington DC, Day 1

We had a fantastic time in Washington DC this week. I will update each day of the trip in a separate update so I don't overwhelm you (or me) with pictures.

We arrived Tuesday around noon and had our first stop at the National Zoo. It was a raw, windy day but we still enjoyed walking around the zoo for several hours (we went back on Friday too to see the exhibits we missed on the first day). After seeing the animals, we went to our hotel where the real fun began... they had an indoor pool which was the highlight of the trip for both girls. Now they can't wait to open our pool.

Happy the Hippo

They had an abundance of cheetahs. We thought it was funny that the cheetah enclosure looked onto the zebra enclosure.... such a tease for these big cats!

I must have taken 15 photos of the 2 bald eagles. I will have to photo edit them to make them really cool but for now, here is just one of the shots. Thanks again dad for the great lens you loaned me for the trip. None of those photos would have been possible without it!

We thought these guys were statues because they just sat like this the whole time. Only a slight movement in their mouths showed us they were real.

In the reptile house, checking out giant tortoises.

Asian elephant. They are building a new elephant enclosure that will be open in 2011. We plan on returning then to see it, it is going to be spectacular!

Truly, the animal that makes this zoo stand out above the rest.... they have 3 Giant Pandas and we were treated to great views of all 3 of them. On Friday when we went back I was able to get even better photos of these shy creatures.

Here we are at the panda exhibit.

Brynne hanging with the prairie dogs... they were so cute!

Exploring some T-Rex models. We saw some real fossils later in the week at the Natural History Museum.

Checking out the hands on tiger exhibit... no not hands on a real tiger... though we did say that they fed the tigers cranky children.

A content sea lion

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