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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Action Packed Weekend!

I feel like no one sat still for a minute this weekend. Saturday, I had the all important task of accompanying Kelly & her mother on her quest for a wedding dress and to a bridal show. That was pretty exciting for me since I was able to see all my old friends at the Town Shop in Poughkeepsie. Meanwhile, Andy played his Mr Mom role to perfection. He took the girls to Huguenot Street for an Easter egg hunt (complete with Easter bunny). For April, it was a cold and raw day. That didn't keep the entire town from showing up.

After that, we were all home together to dye some Easter eggs. They didn't last long before Brynne started taking hers apart and eating them.

Sunday morning was spent at church where the girls participated in the Palm Sunday service and then had ANOTHER Easter egg hunt! It was a beautiful afternoon so the girls helped Andy do some yard work (translation: they played with the neighbor kids all over the yard while Andy attempted to get some grass planted) while I started getting us all ready for our upcoming trip to Washington. I also had to finish up some pending projects for my clients so I didn't have to worry about it while I'm gone.

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