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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Night out at the Stadium

The New Stadium is HERE and we just had to get down there to see it!!

Last night, Andy, Kelly, and I had the privilege of seeing the first game at the new Stadium. The Yankees were in action against the Chicago Cubs as they wind down the preseason in style. They won the game, which is always nice but we just wanted to be the first to be there for a game. I will miss the old stadium (luckily it is still standing next door so I wasn't totally shellshocked).

The new stadium sure had some things in its favor... the new promenade was spectacular and the bleacher creatures actually look like they will be treated like human beings (the concessions are IN the stadium, unlike in the old stadium where bleacher dwellers had to go under the stands). The bathrooms alone made the remodel worth it (no more 10 layers of horrible pink paint). Another great part is that it was much more open.... I think the atmosphere invites more socializing and getting up out of your seat. The set up allows you to go down to the field level and walk up to the last row of seats and get a field view.... I wonder if the people that paid $3500 a ticket really want us lowly grandstand people standing behind them but I'll take advantage of that feature! The food and beverages were easily available and the staff was extremely friendly (well, it's only game one, I can't guarantee that level of friendliness by game 35)

The drawbacks for me were more on a personal level. I think the stadium is beautiful but I think they could have done a little more to try to get the feel of the ORIGINAL Yankee stadium. I think the outfield sign saying YANKEE STADIUM looked too modern and should have been done in an older style. The outfield also seemed too generic.... no more black seats! The jumbo screen was (dare I say it) TOO BIG.

Overall, it will take some getting used to but I hope that I can create as many memories for my girls as I have of my days as a young girl, going to the stadium with my dad and brothers on the D train. My dad would always get an overpriced beer (or 2... or 3) and eat PEANUTS! Peanuts everywhere! We always got tickets to the FDNY/NYPD night where I learned many new and colorful words. Those were the 80's.... the team was pretty terrible but we still loved them.
We have tickets to 2 more games and will be taking the girls to one of them (easing them in slowly!!)

It's not an official game without my mandatory Mo photo:

I took a TON of photos, this is just a sampler. Hoping to add more in a bit but we're overloaded with cool things coming up so if you're a Facebook friend you can see the album I uploaded on there.

I need to add that none of this would have been possible without a last minute chat with Jeff Biamonte who reminded me that tickets were readily available. So big thanks to Jeff!!!

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