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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Washington DC, Day 2

Our first full day in Washington started with a morning swim in the hotel pool and promptly got more disappointing for Catrina after that. Once we left the hotel we were regaled with questions of "when are we going back to the hotel?" for the remainder of our stay.
The Metro Station:

We arrived at my aunt and uncle's house in the morning where we left the car, hopped on the metro and headed into town. We saw many of the monuments and sights that day. We saw the Capital (from a distance), a George Washington statue, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the WWI memorial (one of my favorites of the trip), & the Washington Monument.

We were going to be ambitious and try to make it to the Jefferson Memorial but my feet just wouldn't walk any further. Brynne also had to go potty every 5 minutes. In fact, one of her trips resulted in the highlight of our trip. We were frantically searching for a "facility" when who should come driving up the avenue? That's right... President Obama himself in his fancy motorcade. Aunt Marsha had said that she had seen him several times around town but we had been in town about 24 hours and got to see him... such a highlight!

The Lincoln Memorial

I must describe my photoshop skillz (that's right, skillz with a z) here. There was an annoying person standing to Brynne's left who felt it was the time and place to go through all his digital photos with his wife (as he's blocking a great vantage point of the Lincoln statue) and since he didn't get a clue that other people wanted photos, I just had him removed :)

The Original Photo:

George Washington Statue:

The White House:

Catrina, mad because Obama wasn't home
Near the MIA/POW Memorial:

The WWI Monument:

Upon arriving back at the house, the girls were treated to homemade pasta. They loved making it from scratch and Brynne gobbled it all up. Now we have to buy our own pasta maker. The girls also got to meet my cousin Annie and they promptly fell in love with her (and all her goodies that were in her bedroom).

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