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Friday, December 12, 2008

Ice Storm!

Ok, so it wasn't as dramatic as the weatherman said it would be but it was enough to earn Brynne her very first snow day as a "big kid". Catrina also had her first playschool snow day. We "slept in" and then made chocolate chip pancakes. I'm not sure what the rest of the day will hold but we're certainly going to stay in and relax and enjoy this quiet day at home.

I went out to take some pictures of the ice since it looks so pretty on everything. I'm happy that I didn't break a hip trying to get these shots!


Jeffrey said...

Meg, these pics are great, I especially like the ones with the "cherries", you did a nice job of using a wide aperture to blur the background. My favorite is the 2nd from the top, you aligned the "cherries" on the right third of the picture and the blurred pine trees in the back have a cool effect. I also like the deck shot because of the perspective you used. I have to get Andy to buy you Adobe Lightroom so I can teach you some simple post processing, not the POP function from oldschool photoshop....but some subtle adjustments to make the pictures have more of a wow factor. Also, that 50mm / f1.8 lens for < $100 would be a great stocking stuffer!!

Jeune Girl Crafts said...

Yeah... Santa needs to bring me a great lens.

Thanks for the compliments. Keep in mind, most of the pictures were taken from the angle of "oh my god I'm gonna fall and break my neck" angle. :)

I couldn't resist the big snowflakes so I grabbed my camera and ran (ok, tread carefully) out the door!