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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sugar Cookies with the Sweeties

Ahhhh, another weekend at Camp Currier. Today we went to see SANTA! (pictures should be posted in a few days, they are being emailed here) We decided to skip the boring mall Santa and go to historic Huguenot Street for an old fashioned photo with Santa. It was in the Freer House, one of the many historic homes on Huguenot Street. Naturally, Catrina was reluctant to sit on Santa but eventually agreed to be in the picture. Once the picture was taken, Catrina chatted Santa's poor ears off... she was adorable. Meanwhile, Brynne gave him her list (which I later had to go back and get so I could put it in her scrapbook... but I made sure Santa had already read it so he'll know what to bring).
Once home (after a yummy lunch at McGillicuddy's) we all sat down and made sugar cookies (from scratch! Go Daddy!) As you can see we had a good time.

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