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Sunday, December 20, 2009

So Fancy.... and So Very Sweet

Today began with the biggest letdown of a snow storm that this family has ever seen! The weather forecasters had called for anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of snow overnight and I awoke to.... nothing! How boring! Since we had already canceled our family get together in Long Island (THEY got over a foot!) we saw it as a sign from God that we were meant to attend the Fancy Nancy book signing up in Kingston. Let me tell you, these girls totally ROCKED the Nancy look. We went through a couple of outfit options but settled on the perfect petti-skirts and boas (which I have to thank my past years of bachelorette craziness for having those babies at the ready!). Not to brag, but the Currier Sisters were by FAR the fanciest Fancy Nancy fans in attendance.

The big moment!

After a short, but revitalizing nap by Catrina, the girls settled down to help Daddy make some delicious sugar cookies. It's now an annual tradition in the house and the girls love spending time decorating all of them.

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