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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2009.... always a wonderful time of the year for the Curriers. Unfortunately this year, both girls were stricken with a pretty nasty stomach bug that kept them from really having a ton of energy leading up to the big day. In fact, Brynne had to leave school early on PAJAMA DAY of all days. She was not happy! Even now, Sunday, Brynne is still not 100% better... poor kid.

But Santa was generous to them no matter how they felt. He brought them each a Nintendo DS and Andy and I had breathed a huge sigh of relief that none of the gifts had a million tiny pieces.... and then the grandparents showed up and obliterated that relief. So now the house looks like a giant toy store threw up all over our family room. Andy and I are going to ignore the mess as we enjoy our new Wii Fit Plus.

Sunday we decided to walk off all the steak, lobster, and ham with a walk on the Walkway over the Hudson. It was a beautiful day to get out there and enjoy the weather.

We hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday as well. We're looking forward to a relaxing week with Andy taking his final week of vacation and me having only a few scrapbooking projects on my to-do list now that the holiday rush is over.

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