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Friday, December 11, 2009

Family Update

It's been a while since I've given you the scoop on the goings on within the Currier Clan. Before Thanksgiving we had our first parent/teacher conference with Brynne's 1st grade teacher. As expected, she is doing really, really well in first grade. She's doing so well that she will be going into 2nd grade for reading (deja vu?... if you recall, she went to first grade for reading while in kindergarten). She's making friends and finding her way socially as well so we are very pleased.

Meanwhile, Catrina continues to enjoy her final year of Playschool. She is VERY social and has created quite a network of friends for herself. She is sure to be the social butterfly of our family.

Thanksgiving came and we went off to Rochester to spend time with the Curriers. While there, the girls were able to try ice skating for the second time and they have really taken a liking to it and Catrina is showing real skill.

With December's arrival we have found ourselves in Christmas mode. We attended the tree lighting and caroling with Brynne's girl scout troop. We also cut our own tree again this year and the house is looking festive. Mother Nature has cooperated and provided us with a beautiful blanket of snow that the girls played in last week. We even had our first SNOW DAY!

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