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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brynne's First Candlelight Service

Tonight was our church's annual Christmas Candlelight Service. All three choirs perform several songs for the congregation and this year they even all got together and sang at the end. This was Brynne's first Candlelight performance and she did a great job despite being very sick the past few days. She rested up, avoiding church this morning and a birthday party this afternoon, just for her big day. Click below for THE performance (it's 6 minutes long and 24MB in size):

Brynne's Candlelight Performance 2009

You can actually hear Catrina in the background too. Just be thankful she stopped talking long enough for you to hear the choir! Thanks to Mommy for her videography skills. Daddy was performing too but thankfully there is no video evidence.

Here are the photos as promised (sorry for the poor quality, I was multitasking!)
The Scene:

Waiting patiently:

Here they come!

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