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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ireland: Day 4

Day 4 was MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to ME. That being said you can probably guess what the weather was like. Yep... rain. We ventured into Connemara National Park to see some great scenery and hit my 'must see' of the trip (Kylemore Abbey).
Along the way we were treated to some fun (if not hard to find) attractions. We found "The Quiet Man" bridge.... featured in the John Wayne movie. The mountains were also saw were gorgeous (probably even more so in nicer weather).
Do you think this is what John Wayne looked like when he was putting the moves on Maureen O'Hara?

Next on our list was a little excursion along the Sky Road. It was probably the worst weather we encountered on our entire trip. It was blustery and cold! Even Andy was wearing a hat! Pressing on, we reached Kylemore Abbey in the early afternoon. The weather was quite blustery but I don't think it bothered us too much. We took a tour of the grounds and gardens and afterwards treated ourselves to some nice hot beverages.

Back in Galway, we went out to the "King's Head" Pub in Galway. It was such a cool pub... the atmosphere was just what you'd imagine for an Irish pub. We followed our dinner up with a little walk around the tourist district. We heard some traditional music and chatted with some (you guessed it) American tourists.

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