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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ireland: Day 3

After our rainy venture into Galway at night, we awoke to a beautiful morning with warm temps and mixed skies. We started the day off right with this Irish Breakfast (and if you just read that and believe I ate that, you shouldn't be reading this blog... that was Andy's breakfast)

This day we decided to drive about an hour to the ferry to take us to the Aran Islands. There are 3 islands in this grouping and we went to Inishmore, the largest of the three. The islands are full of history with ruins and serene cemetaries everywhere you turn.
We decided to rent bicycles so we could get around and see more things (a decision I may regret since my knee STILL hurts!)

Off the beaten path, we came across a ruined church which is touted as the smallest church in the world. As impressive as that was to see, we decided to head over to the shore we saw from the area near the church. It was a longer walk than we anticipated as the shore seemed to keep moving away from us.... little did we know that we would be treated to some of the most stunning cliff views we would see on our vacation. In this area, there were no safety barriers set up so we were taking our lives into our own hands in checking these out so we spent a few minutes and then moved on.

The Aran Islands are home to more than just livestock and people.... we saw some seals taking in the sun on this late autumn day. And lastly, we saw one of many Irish rainbows. This one was spectacular as it was over the open water and just picture perfect.

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Katharine said...

Holy moses, what gorgeous views! I love ruins, is that weird?

Also, rainbows and ponies? all you needs are some sparklies and birds chirping and that would be perfect happiness