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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Saga of the Tooth

For most of the summer Brynne's front tooth has been loose. This week it became downright wiggly. Last night it was pretty much hanging by a thread but I was too wimpy to just yank it out. We waited for daddy to come home to pull it. Even then Brynne was scared and tentative. Finally, daddy tricked her into using her own finger to push against the tooth. When she pushed on the tooth, daddy then pushed his finger against her hand which pushed the tooth out. It worked!!! She was quite surprised to see the tooth in her hand!

One last shot of Miss Snaggletooth:

"No... don't pull my tooth!" (even though I've been waiting all day for you to pull my tooth!)

What happened?? Such a great mixture of emotion in this picture!

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