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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maine: Part 1

Some of you are probably wondering why it's taken me so long to update about our trip to Maine. Well, the ol' laptop officially ran out of room so I was only able to upload about 1/4 of the photos and I was unable to edit any of them and, as you've come to realize, I really like to edit my photos! So, let's talk about the early goings of the trip..... We had decided to get an EARLY start.... 5 am to be exact. Well, Catrina had other ideas and woke us up at 2:45. We tried going back to sleep but gave up around 3:30 and decided to go make some coffee (tea for me) and have some breakfast.

We hit the road and arrived in Kennebunkport around 10 am.... plenty of time to make our noon whale watch. We decided to use that time to explore the quaint town.

"Lobsterondack Chairs"

Oddly, this is really the only lighthouse we got close to while in Maine:

Next up... whale watch!

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