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Monday, April 27, 2009

Hot Hot Weekend!

The weather went right from winter to summer so we got out there and enjoyed the weekend. Our weekend actually began on Friday since Andy worked from home so he was able to take some time in the afternoon to get his garden planted. In a few months we'll have our own vegetables! The girls and Andy are very into growing things so we're hoping for the best.

Saturday came and Catrina had her usual dance class while Andy and Brynne went on a nature hike at Phillies Bridge Farm with the Surprise Boys. Catrina and I arrived later so we didn't get to do the walk but we definitely had a brush or 2 with nature (Catrina came within about an inch of stepping on a snake... she screamed super loud!)

the snake in question:

Saturday night we went for round 2 of Tokyo Sushi and their AWESOME hibachi. Andy was even brave enough to try sushi (Kelly and Ed joined us and were able to guide him in what kind he might enjoy). I think Andy would have liked them all as long as he could douse them in wasabi. Brynne even tried some sushi!

Sunday was busy.... we had church, a birthday party for the twins in Catrina's class and then I went to Poughkeepsie for some photo practice with Brynne. I had been getting too many complaints about the lack of Brynne photos so I had to remedy the situation.

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