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Sunday, January 25, 2009


This is Andy's first ever posting on The Currier Courier and despite being nervous that he can't live up to the expectations that Meg has already set with her writing, he was the one responsible for the activities yesterday, so it's his turn to write. One of the girls' favorite shows, Cyberchase on PBC Kids, was featured at the New York Hall of Science in Queens on Saturday. The girls saw an advertisement for it after the show earlier this month and have kept it locked away in their little brains until the big day. Daddy, Brynne, and Catrina decided to give Mommy some alone time to do some much-needed work, and headed down to fulfill the girls' dreams of meeting Digit and Harry (characters from the show). The museum itself was very nice (and free - thanks IBM!) but more time was spent trying to find the elusive characters. Although the girls did a nice job of showing everyone around them the "What's In A Nose?" exhibit - their fingers were up a nostril seemingly all day long. (To their credit, it was very crowded and nerve racking.) When it was all said and done, despite our not having a ticket to the photo op, since we had been hanging around for so long the workers told us we could get in line anyway and meet the guys. The girls were ecstatic, Harry was very nice (Catrina swooned over him), and Daddy was pleased since he thought they may be leaving without getting to meet them. To top it all off, traffic was nonexistant both to an from - a great afternoon overall!

Catrina tries her hand at bubbling

Future Dr. Brynne gets a glimpse of a micro-organism

There were lots of Cyberchase crafts to do - here Brynne cuts out a "vortex" thingy

Don't worry, they're temporary (although Catrina still has hers on)

Happy girls moments before happier times meeting the characters

Brynne throws a fastball (it was clocked at 15 mph)

Catrina off to the (wheelchair) races

Chilly girls outside the Hall

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