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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thank You Santa!

Christmas Day at the Curriers:

Brynne was under the weather (102 degree fever at one point) and actually took a 2 hour nap on Christmas morning (after opening her gifts, of course) so most of the photos are of Catrina but that's never been a problem for her.

Catrina loved her Polly Pocket ship (even though she had asked for the airplane. I think Santa must have checked the reviews to see that the airplane was not very highly rated compared to the boat) and her Barbie Cinderella... "Just what I always asked for!"

Brynne was excited to get many gifts that she could be creative with. Santa brought her a latch hook kit so she could do "sewing" and some wood kits to make little airplanes and wagons. She definitely is not a typical "girly-girl" like her sister. She was thrilled to get Wall-E and several chapter books that we know she can read on her own (smarty pants!)

Next up: Christmas with the Grandparents.... all 4 of them (and Caitlin)!

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