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Monday, December 29, 2008

More Christmas!

Christmas seems to be never-ending! Once we finished round one of Santa gifts, the girls were quickly given rounds 2 and 3 when their grandparents visited and dropped off an entire toy store's worth of stuff!
Brynne was feeling much better too so I made sure to get lots of photos of her in her "Santa Baby" dress (as she called it)

But perhaps one of the best gifts I got this year was the grouting of my backsplash by my father-in-law. We had retiled the backsplash about 2 years ago and just never got to the grouting and he took on the project (I helped a little). And being project oriented, he & Andy then took on the task of fixing the heater below the sink in the kitchen (you know, the room where I had complained every winter that it was too darn cold? Turns out there is a heater and fan under my sink that was not working and they fixed it with very little effort)


We still have another week of vacation so I'm sure there will be even more updates to follow so make sure you check back frequently!

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