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Friday, October 31, 2008

Whirlwind Halloween

2 parties, one parade, trick or treating! All in one day! I'm exhausted and the girls are too (Catrina is the gauge by which all events are measured and it was unreasonable tears at bedtime that let us know she had had too much Halloween). New Paltz has a great parade in town so we don't miss it but this year we actually planned things perfectly. We arrived before the parade began and did trick or treating, went over to the Bakery (yes, it's called "The Bakery") to see their pumpkin display (and managed to beat the crowd) then more trick or treating as we made our way back to the car and onto our lonely road. (we had 2 trick or treaters other than our own kids).

Tomorrow, they get to don the costumes one more time as Catrina goes to ballet and both girls go to Kieran's first birthday party.

First Party:
Second Party
Interlude... Catrina managed to sneak this on while Brynne wasn't looking:
Brynne, back as Alice, ready for Trick or Treating:
Counting the loot:

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