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Monday, September 22, 2008

What a Great Weekend!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and we took full advantage of it this weekend. Starting early on Saturday we tried to fill in every minute. First the girls had their respective activities; soccer for Brynne, kinder dance for Catrina. Since the family historian went to class with Catrina, those are the photos you get:

On Sunday, we went to church which happens to be located on the most historic street in New Paltz: Huguenot Street. I knew it was the perfect day to take the camera along for some shots outside. Little did I know that Brynne wasn't feeling 100% so most of the pictures are of Miss Catrina.

Brynne had recovered nicely by Sunday evening when we went to the Wood N Wheel roller rink for an IBM sponsored Family Fun Night. We took advantage of the open skate (though I think Mommy will wait until Catrina's a little more able to stay up on her own to venture out there again) as well as the laser tag, bumper cars, and games. We had a fun time doing something new and exciting.

We ended the weekend on a bittersweet note. We let the girls stay up past their bedtimes to see the final farewell to Yankee Stadium. It was great that they were able to go there 2 times this year so they'll always be able to say they were in the same stadium that the all time greats played in. I definitely got choked up a few times during the dramatic ceremony. I have some great memories of the stadium (the FDNY family nights, getting a foul ball in 1988 that is still on display in my home, dad going ballistic whenever Dave Righetti was brought in.... good times!) but I'm also looking forward to the new chapter... who knows.... "The House that Jeter Built"? Doesn't quite have the same ring but it will do for now. So long to the cathedral.... or as the world simply refers to it: THE Stadium.

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