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Friday, September 26, 2008

First Sick Day

The kids have been sick on and off all week. Brynne kicked things off earlier this week by running a fever one night. She was fine the next day and has been fine since. Wednesday afternoon Catrina started acting like she was sick. By Wednesday night she had a fever and was lethargic. So Thursday, she and I went to the store for some medicine and she was back to her old self (or so SHE thought). You see, Catrina doesn't know how to be sick.... she cannot stop herself from just go-go-going all the time. Yesterday afternoon we were out in the yard and riding bikes up the street. By the time Brynne got off the bus, Catrina was on the couch and SICK AGAIN. She was in bed by 6 pm last night and slept through until 6:40 this morning. She then announced that she was going to school today. Cooler heads prevailed and she did NOT go to school today. She is laying on the couch being a diva. I told her she has a big weekend and she needs to be all better if she wants to do fun things.

Personally, this sick day couldn't have come at a better time... it's raining cats and dogs outside! We're still in our sweatpants and we're not looking to deviate from that anytime soon! Sorry, no photo of the sick bed but here's some to appease people that just like to see goofy photos of the girls.

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