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Monday, September 29, 2008

Brynne's Big Adventure

Today was Brynne's first field trip. Her class went to Phillies Bridge Farm where she was able to gather eggs from a chicken's nest, pet a chicken, chase a chicken (you get the picture) as well as see some sheep and dig in the dirt. She has even informed me that "dirt made my lunch". You see, most of what we eat comes from the dirt (hope you're not reading this before lunch!) Next week she'll be going on another field trip and I am chaperoning!

She was taken home by Jessica's mommy (pit stop at Frosty Rock!) so that allowed for her to get ready for ballet at home. I took full advantage of getting her prepped! She looked so cute in her ballet outfit and showing off her moves (notice her arabesque.... aided by the couch!)

Catrina is still under the weather and missed school again today. I did trick her into napping and I'm hoping she's feeling like herself tomorrow.

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