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Sunday, August 17, 2008


I'm officially sleep deprived with these Olympics! A big congratulations to Michael Phelps and the US swim team who totally dominated at the Water Cube. He went out in grand style late last night with another world record performance in the 4x100 medley. Then there is my personal favorite... the sport I've been obsessed with since the months leading up to the 1984 games... gymnastics. With gold and silver in the all-around, Nastia Liukin & Shawn Johnson became the first Americans to ever go 1-2 in the all-around. In fact, Nastia is only the 3rd American to get gold in this event (Mary Lou and Carly Patterson had won in 84 & 04). I am so proud of these young ladies!
Now, if I can just get through event finals (which I noticed those sneaky schedule makers have spaced out over 3 nights) I may get some sleep.

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