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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Stay-cation Continues

We've reached the 2nd half of Andy's 2 week vacation and we're all enjoying having some family time before life gets crazy (3 words Kin-Der-Garten). We were out and about last week traveling west to Cayuga and Rochester....( oh, by the way, congrats to Mike & Jen. We went to their baby shower on Sunday and their little one must have felt he was missing out on the fun and decided to make his appearance a little early. Maxwell Dylan born 8/7/08... couldn't keep him in one more day, huh??. All are doing well.) and then east to Lake Compounce.

The weather has been very strange. I told Andy that if he was at work we'd have 90 degrees every day with the kids clamoring to go in the pool (not my favorite pasttime). So here he is, able and willing to go in the pool and it's been rainy and cold for the past 4 or 5 days. Figures! We're planning to go to the Bronx Zoo on Wednesday so, hopefully, the weather will improve.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the Olympics. That men's 4x100 relay was INSANE!!! Go USA... I got teary watching it... definitely the best moment of the games so far. Even Brynne is into it, every time an event starts, she asks, "Where is the American?" We were watching rowing and she says "Oh no! Look... no Americans in this race!" I told her to root for the Canadians instead since it was "close enough".

I've also been scrapping both for business and pleasure (well, it's always both since it's so much fun) but here is a page I worked on last night. I have another one I did tonight that I will photograph tomorrow.

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