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Friday, August 8, 2008

Lake Compounce

Lake Compounce is a family theme park in Bristol, Ct (yes, there is more than ESPN headquarters in Bristol). Since it is half water park I decided to leave the camera at home. But I didn't want to leave you wondering about our experience so I had Brynne do some paint projects describing some of the more memorable things she did while there.

Daddy & Brynne in the pirate cove area. This attraction had a CRAZY, over-the-top (I believe I used the adjective "unnecessary") bucket that filled with water every 2 minutes or so and just doused anyone within its reach.
Here is Brynne & Catrina's favorite ride. It was a kiddie free-fall that we all rode together. Apparently, I am the one on the left. Brynne was good to add the added detail of the grey sky mixed with blue since the weather was dicey by the afternoon but it didn't stifle any of our enjoyment of the rides. I am also happy to see that she included the black safety bars across each of our laps. I'm not sure I can explain the red legs though:

Finally, we have her rendition of the haunted house. In this ride, you sat in a 4 person car and had a laser gun to shoot the bad guys. I won't say who won the battle but I will say it wasn't Andy. Here is Brynne holding her laser gun (very accurate... it was yellow) shooting at some of the bad guys:

If anyone would rather the blog be updated via Brynne's artwork, be sure to let us know.

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