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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sweet Summertime!

I can't believe playschool is almost over. One more day to go and I must say that Catrina's first school experience has been quite a success. She never cried when leaving me in the morning and she talks nonstop about all her friends. I can't wait to send her in September.

This weekend marks the beginning of Andy's first official 2 weeks of vacation since he started working at IBM. He has never taken 2 straight weeks of vacation (paternity leave does NOT count as a vacation!). Contrary to popular belief, Andy actually works really hard at his job and is looking forward to some relaxation time. And I have been up until midnight the past few days working on the name albums that were ordered last week. I had to order 14 albums (luckily some intrepid clients will be decorating their own) and I will be decorating 8 of them. 4 are done and I'm hoping to get most of the rest done before the vacation starts.

I am also taking a self-imposed break from work starting 8*8*08 since that is the start of the Olympics and that is my "thing". I just LOVE the Olympics... can't get enough of the gymnastics, swimming, diving, volleyball, you name it! (ok, I don't care so much for the weight lifting). I plan on burning out my DVR with the Olympics!

In other summer news, Brynne had her first bee sting yesterday. She screamed like I haven't heard her scream in years (I call it the "I broke my leg" scream). We discovered that she's not allergic to bees! (yay). We also found this out about Catrina as she has been stung twice (and has had countless ticks.... yuck!).

Today was a banner day in the Currier household. Both girls went swimming (with supervision) in the pool WITHOUT their floaty-suits! They were very strong swimmers and now they will want to swim like that all the time!

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