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Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Fair-ly Fun Day!

We went to our 4th Ulster County Fair today and had a great time! We spent most of the day going from ride to ride and watching the girls have a blast. It was, of course, extremely hot (makes me wish the Fair was scheduled in October). Favorite rides included the merry go round, the bumpy slide, the Dizzy Dragon (hurl!), and the Dragon roller coaster. We took the girls on their first Ferris Wheel ride and I had my heart in my chest the whole time. The metal bars were close to the cage and if anyone leaned out at the wrong time it would have been a disaster. But that's just the mother in me... everyone else had a good time riding it.

To me, the best part of the Fair is the FOOD. Andy and I enjoy the 4H milkshakes and the Gyros (yummmmmmm). It really was just too hot to go crazy with the food so we didn't stuff ourselves like we usually do.

We made sure to tour the livestock areas as we know that Brynne has a great love for animals (if you remember, at her preschool graduation Brynne announced her intentions to become a veterinarian). Her favorites are the bunnies!! She's gearing up for her 6th birthday where all her talk is of her pet bunny. She saw a few today that looked like her dream bunny (a blonde loppy).

There was also the requisite visit to the Racing Pigs... it never gets old! As we left, Catrina had a meltdown about wanting to buy a "Hello Kitty" doll (she had already gotten several other toys and prizes). It's funny, when I put her to bed tonight I said, "Did you have a fun day at the fair?" and she said, "Yeah.... but I didn't get that Hello Kitty doll." We just can't win can we?

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