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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Romp & Circumstance

How the years go by! Our big girl graduated from preschool today with much ceremony. She received a diploma and an award from the teachers. The teachers gave an award to each child in an area in which they will be most remembered. I'm proud to say that the teachers will remember her for her creativity. Mrs. Jansen said that all of her pictures are always done with a great deal of imagination and detail. She also mentioned the future aspiration of all the students and there were some really creative responses. We had a prince, a Princess Aurora, a racecar driver (pray for that boy's mother), a Superhero (?!!!), a judge, a deep sea diver (funny, I would have guessed Pirate for that one). Brynne pleased the family by sticking with her plan to become a veterinarian. (see previous post about her attending Cornell)

The day was topped off with a lunch at the Olive Garden followed by a whirlwind trip the mall (this was mostly for mommy who hasn't seen the mall since it had Christmas decorations!). The girls picked up some cool pool toys and managed to knock over a mannequin in Express (now you know why we only go to a mall every 6 months!). Mommy actually bought some shirts for herself! (craziness!). Brynne wore her mortar board around the mall and received many congratulations and smiles from everyone we passed.

I wanted to post more pictures but then realized I didn't ask any of the parents if it was ok to put the pictures on the internet... that would be not good.


Kgun5 said...

That guy on the left with the shifty eyes...He stole my wallet.

G&G said...

How quickly time has moved from the day Brynne was born! We are so proud of her.