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Monday, June 2, 2008

Children's Museum

Ok, it ain't Strong Museum (but what is?) but Poughkeepsie has a nice little museum for the kids right by the river. We were lucky enough to be invited to Miss Julia's 4th Birthday party so the girls had the run of the place and Jeff & Felipa had to pay for it! With so much to do it's hard to pick out the highlights of the day. Catrina's favorite thing (all based on a mathematical formula in which you take the number of minutes spent doing something x the smile on their face divided by the tantrum thrown when someone else was doing it when she wanted) was spending time in the bakery. GREAT! We're now working on her early admission to the Culinary while we have Brynne's sights set on Vassar (or Cornell for veterinary school). Brynne spent most of her time in the "school" playing with nesting dolls and being the teacher to some random children.

As you can see... we Curriers aren't rule followers:

Check out the sequence:

This reminded us of her penguin nesting dolls. Looks like she could use a new set. She enjoyed playing with these.

Is this thing on?I remember these desks from St. Thomas Aquinas

Let my Catrina Goooooooooooooooooo:

(I just thought this was a funny moment)

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