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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ireland: Day 6: Dingle

Don't laugh at the name... Dingle ROCKS! It was recommended by a friend that we go to Dingle or really miss out on seeing one of the most beautiful day trips we would ever experience. She was right.... Dingle provided the most overall beauty that we saw in Ireland. Everywhere we turned was another beautiful scene.

Town of Dingle:

I had to pause and take a shot of this handsome fellow... I was taking a photo above his head and he was standing there looking eager to please so I snapped his photo too.

We made sure to visit a ruined fort (with SPECTACULAR cliff views) as well as a settlement dating back before Christ where people lived in buildings dubbed "beehive huts". I, for one, would never sleep in one in fear that a rock would fall on my head but I guess ancient peoples were tougher than I am.

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