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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Big Night!

Halloween night finally arrived... a little rainy but that doesn't hold us back from the night of CANDY. We headed into town early for trick or treating. This works really well since we only have 11 homes on our road and these girls need to hit up entire neighborhoods in their insatiable quest for candy.

New Paltz is wonderful in that they take Halloween VERY seriously. The costumes are pretty elaborate and they put on a full-fledged parade. The firehouse gives out candy bars (full size! jackpot) and apples and the Bakery in town has a fabulous carved pumpkin display (and free cocoa, cider, and pumpkin bread... yumm!) Small town living really has its perks!

When we arrived home we mustered up enough energy to visit a few of the houses on our street. It was hard to get these energized girls in bed but we managed. I'd say we took advantage of that extra hour of sleep but the girls internal clocks just woke them up at their usual time, which is now an hour earlier!

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