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Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekends = Busy!

We had another busy and exciting weekend. Saturday was pretty rainy and gross out but luckily we didn't have any outdoor plans that needed to be revamped. Catrina was under the weather so she skipped dance class. Brynne went on her own and then off to her first official Daisy Scout meeting. After that, she had a friend from school come over for a playdate (these are very exciting things to 6 year olds!) The girls even discussed their NEXT playdate being a sleepover (I don't think I'm ready for that!). Then it was off to dinner for some deep fried hot dogs.... they were delicious!

Sunday arrived sunny and beautiful. This was ideal since Marnie and Paw Paw were coming for a visit. Brynne had her first performance in the Junior Choir and it was absolutely adorable. Afterward we enjoyed a lunch at Murphy's (yes, And and I are in training for our trip to Ireland) and a trip over to the
Walkway Over the Hudson. I think the entire Hudson Valley had the same idea... it was PACKED. But the Walkway is gorgeous. I will be making it a regular spot to bring the kids.

Normally that would be enough action but we THEN took the girls in their costumes over to SUNY New Paltz for some trick or treating at the dorms. The college kids were all really nice and provided candy and entertainment to a bunch of kids.

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