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Friday, October 16, 2009

The Hats Make a Comeback

I gave you a hint at the hats the girls will be sporting this winter. So this week I took the girls to Huguenot Street (my photo locale of choice) and had some time to kill before Brynne's choir practice so I just grabbed the hats, grabbed the girls, and walked over to the little cemetary (don't judge me! it's historic!) and took some photos. I'm sure the people residing there were comforted by the laughter of children (and the shrill cry of their mother saying "get back here and put that hat on and look happy about it"... I'm kidding, that didn't actually happen)

So I'm not sharing all the hat pics right now as one or more may end up on our holiday cards and I'd like to leave the surprise for when you get the card in the mail.

*Before anyone gets on my case about having a logo on my photos, the only reason I did that is b/c these versions are saved much smaller than regular print versions and, therefore, take less time to upload. Besides, my logo is pretty sweet, or so I've been told.

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