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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Finally!

This week, summer decided to join us. It's still not 100% optimal pool weather but we'll take it. The girls have spent as much time as possible enjoying the water (they are both half mermaid at this point).

Here's Catrina showing off her goggles and snorkel (RIP snorkel... we have to get a new one)

We love how she just goes for it 100%... arms up and just attacking the jump. Do you know any other 4 year olds who can rock a sweet jump into a pool like this? Me neither.

Usually the mask is firmly entrenched on her face so I was able to get this rare shot of Brynne in the pool with her face vulnerable to WATER!

This is the rarely photographed but often seen sight of the "Towel Tub". The girls have converted their old baby pool into a relaxing terry cloth oasis. When they get out of the pool, they go hang in the Towel Tub (copyright pending)

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