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Monday, July 6, 2009

More Fourth Photos

We had so much fun this weekend and I'm just now sorting through the over 200 photos that were taken. I swore I would take fewer photos but I couldn't control myself. I am in lens heaven since Melissa loaned me one of hers and my skills were required to photograph an old abandoned barn just a short walk from the cottage

Red White and Blue are EVERYWHERE on the 4th of July (ok, just an excuse to show off Wayne's awesome red Mazda)

Ummm... yeah... this is a slug. These are the kind of things that cause Brynne to run, not walk, up to me and implore me to grab my camera.

If you could feel the air temperature (and lake temperature) you'd wonder what kind of common sense cells these girls are missing:

Supermodel with 4 legs:

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