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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

At the New Yankee Stadium

Ok, taking a little break from posting the wedding photos to give you the mid-week update! Today, we went to the Yankee game. I love afternoon games during the week. The stands were filled and very colorful with the various camps that come to enjoy the game (and they were well behaved it seemed too, which is a bonus!)

The girls may not have realized the magnitude of going to the new stadium but I felt it was important for them to experience a game at the new home. The girls were reassured that all was well when daddy finally tracked down the Dipping Dots. I found the popcorn bucket to be hilarious and well worth the cost just to capture the photo of Catrina holding the entire bucket.

And, to top it off, I got a GREAT parking spot AND the Yankees won! They are in first place! Woohoo! The girls were slightly disappointed that Melky didn't play.... they like cheering for the milkman.

Best parking spot!

Baby Ruth Way


Behind Monument Park.

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