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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thanks to some pretty good seats that we obtained through IBM's lottery, we had a great view of the game. Actually, it was mostly a great view of Johnny Damon since the seats were out in left field but I had fun playing sports photographer. We ate some delicious food.... the concessions in the lower level are more diverse and delicious than our typical fare in the upper deck.

Here's a shot of the old stadium... being taken apart one piece at a time :(

The new digs:

The Captain:

Johnny, giving the bleacher creatures some love during their patented first inning "roll call"

He loves his left field fans more:

I love this because we sat in the same seats last year at the old stadium and I took a similar picture

From last year:

Just a friendly game of catch:

Oh yeah, the Yankees won the game too !

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