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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day 2009!
The girls were excited to make daddy "breakfast in bed" (they were in charge of the toast). Then they decided that daddy had slept long enough so breakfast was presented (and Catrina made sure to tell him that one of the pieces of toast got burned so she gave it to him).

Soon after, we decided to head out and enjoy the day while we could. The forecast called for (shocking!) rain so we stayed close to home. We had a nice family day together visiting Esopus Rolling Meadows Park which has a great view of the Esopus Lighthouse as well as access to the river. With the rains we've had all month, most of the paths were muddy and water-logged but it didn't slow us down. Daddy and the girls made many nature discoveries. They found the remnants of a turtle's nest (scattered broken eggs everywhere!), an earth star (something I'd never heard of but daddy knew what it was), multiple acorns, and a feather. TREASURES!

All this exploring worked up an appetite in all of us so we headed up to Kingston to enjoy a trip to SONIC! I had been there twice with Catrina but the rest of the family got their first taste. I think we have some Sonic fans in this house now. Long story short... we had some slow service but by luck, had the manager serve our food and she gave us all FREE DESSERT! Daddy's dessert consisted of a 2nd Frito chili cheese wrap (he enjoyed the first one so much) while the girls and I had various ice cream treats. THUMBS UP!

We forced ourselves to go for a little stroll near the Rondout district to work off all that tasty food. We often go up to this area just to walk around and soak up the atmosphere (and see the ducks!)

Following our trek, we arrived home to relax. Daddy was forced to sit on the deck (so he could read his book... yes, he's READING A BOOK) while I did some mowing and the girls went swimming. We capped the day off with a trip to the Red Rooster. It's this tiny place in Gardiner but they serve up some tasty food and we're always happy to patronize small places with great service, atmosphere, and, of course, excellent food.

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