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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gorgeous Weekend!

With the warm weather upon us, our weekends are spent outside as much as possible. Saturday started out with the family going to celebrate our little friend Julia's 5th b-day at the Children's Museum. The girls had fun exploring and running around. They followed up this fun with a little time by the river throwing rocks (fun times!)

We hurried home Saturday afternoon so Andy could mow the lawn and get ready to take the pool cover off. Luckily, our friends came over to lend a hand with the pool cover. With a 30 foot pool, the cover is really REALLY heavy. We were SO EXCITED to find 4 frogs living on the cover. I made several trips to the pond on the corner to give these little guys a new home. Of course, Brynne was over the moon getting to hold these little guys. The girls had more fun hanging out in the hot tub. The hot tub isn't going to tide them over for long so hopefully Andy will be getting the pool up and running soon.

We finished things off on Sunday by going to church, then washing both cars and a trip to Frosty Rock (ice cream shop).

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