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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Almost Forgot Phillies Bridge Trip

Brynne and I went to Phillies Bridge Farm (again) with her class on Friday. The day started out overcast but soon cleared to the point of almost being too hot. We explored many areas of the farm from checking out chickens & sheep exploring the small garden, enjoying the wonders of composting (it didn't smell bad as I thought it would), learning about rocks, and sampling some of the greens growing.

I have to add: Brynne is turning into quite the comedian: When asked by the instructor why they had no roosters at Phillies Bridge Brynne responded: "Because they want to sleep later?" Which resulted in quite the round of laughter. Guess she gets her sense of humor and comedic timing from me though I'm not 100% sure she meant it to be funny.

Technically, this was part of the trip. Brynne decided to wear my sunglasses and pose with a pretty funny face. She wanted to leave them on all day when I told her she looked like a bug.

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