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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Weekend Comes to an End

This weekend we were treated to a hint of what this spring and summer will hold. Starting on Friday and continuing into Saturday, we had some great weather. Sunday was kind of a washout but I was able to get a handle on the girls' clothes situation (let me tell you, these girls have A TON of clothes). I am wiped out from all the organization I had to do.

We didn't have any specific plans for the weekend so we stayed close to home. Catrina had dance and then a birthday party. Brynne and Daddy finished prep work on the garden.

Now for your overkill of Catrina. In my defense, she put the pink dress on and ASKED me to take her picture and then walked around in it proclaiming it was her "supermodel" dress.

Here she is waiting for Brynne's bus on Friday.... bubbles are a great way to kill time.

Catrina got a fab new tutu and headband this week so I had fun just taking pictures of the bold color. I hope Brynne tries it on this week too so I can get some photos of her. This weekend she was "down and dirty" in the garden so I didn't get very many photos of her. I promise to remedy that in the future.

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