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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Big Weekend!

This was a fun filled and exciting weekend! First of all... the weather actually went ABOVE freezing so both cars got a bath! (they are now dirty again). On to more important things.... let's talk about Brynne. With her 6th birthday right around the corner, Brynne lost her first tooth Friday night. It had been super wiggly for a few days and we finally managed to pull it out. Both Andy and I had never had to pull a tooth so it was a learning process for us as well. The tooth fairy brought Brynne a shiny gold dollar.

Secondly, we had Brynne's big birthday bash! Her friends came and enjoyed an afternoon of playing all over our house. We are pretty exhausted!

Ummm... is it someone's birthday? I can't tell...

Littlest Pet Shop Cake!

One of the many attempts to take down the pinata

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