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Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

It's hard to believe but in the 12 years I've known Andy, we've never cut our own tree. We've always had a real tree (even in our apartment in Wappingers) but those were pre-cut. This year, we made a family outing to a local tree farm to pick out the perfect tree. Things went as usual... we got there with Catrina asleep in the car and then ULTRA cranky when she finally woke up and demanding to be carried. Brynne was her usual cheerful self and just happy to be in nature (she found a peasant feather)

It was pretty chilly but an enjoyable evening topped off by the most beautiful red-sky sunset I can remember seeing (too bad my camera couldn't capture its full beauty).

Stay tuned for photos of the decorating!

Typical Catrina face:

The girls' choice:

Mommy's choice:

Mommy Wins!:

Sunset... apologies for the amateur-ness:

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