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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

(proud of my photo editing on the above photo)

The girls are very excited. Their volume is much higher than on a normal day. We've actually been tracking Santa's progress on Norad and are having fun seeing all the places he's already delivered his gifts.

Yesterday, Brynne had her holiday party at school. I found out that Mrs. Makow likes to do scrapbooking too so the gift I gave her (her name album) was well received. We ate goodies and enjoyed spending time with the little ones. Catrina probably won't remember much of the party... she slept through the whole thing! That 10 minute drive to school was just too much (well, moreso it was her long morning at Stop & Shop that wiped her out) so we took some goodies home for her to enjoy.

Brynne's boyfriend, Alex, gave her a "diamond" necklace. Every Kiss Begins with Kay! He is such a sweet little boy.

Next up, this morning we awoke to an icy wonderland. The ice will turn to rain this afternoon so I went out this morning (in ill-advised clothes!) to take photos of my favorite tree covered in ice. This tree has given me so many neat photos!

In other news that will probably elicit an eye-roll from Andy but a smile for most of our audience, I am happy to say that Christmas has come early for myself and my fellow Yankee fans. Let's hope the big name free agents they are bringing mesh as a TEAM and bring the World Series back to the Bronx. While I'd like to be stuck on 26 for the rest of my life (hey, it's a good age), it's not working for me with my Yankees.

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