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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Fun!

We had another BUSY weekend despite the wild weather. Friday night was "Date Night" for Andy and Brynne. They went out to her school for movie night and had a really good time (though Andy does recommend that grown ups NOT bring CHAIRS to watch the movie in the middle of the gym where kids are sitting behind them in sleeping bags... who is the movie for anyway?).

Saturday was a family outing to see "Madagascar 2". It was a good movie but not as good as the original(again, one rant.... when you go OUT to the movie you are NO LONGER IN YOUR LIVING ROOM so please BE QUIET! My 5 & 3 year old were better behaved than the older boy in front of us... oh well)

Saturday night was BABYSITTER TIME! Caroline came over and watched the girls while we went to see one of Andy's friends starring in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". It was a really good show.

Finally... Sunday was cousin Noah's 5th Birthday Party! He had it at a gymnastics place and the girls had non-stop fun! I only had one or 2 moments where I imagined a trip to the ER so, overall, great time! Thanks Pete and Sharon for a great day!

The Birthday Boy with Brynne:

Not sure what was going on here but it was a nice moment:

Little Emma getting bouncy!
Peter Pan Girls! I believe the adjective used by Catrina (age 3) to describe this experience was "AWESOME"

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LeRoy O'Neill said...

The pictures of Catrina and Paw Paw was a sobriety test we were taken. Paw Paw failed and Catrina laughed